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Dongguan Xiao'erduo Electronics Co., Ltd is a private enterprise specialized in security centralized power supply designing, developing, manufacturing and selling. We supply security centralized power supply with highest cost effective and services such as model selection, technical support, OEM&ODM. Our products are widely applied in security systems like CCTV, alarm, access control, building intercom etc. The main products series are Security Power Supply Box, Access Control Power Supply Box, Power Adaptors&Transformers , Aluminum Housing Switching Power Supply and POE Switches,APPDU,Wireless AP. Dongguan Xiao'erduo Electronics Co., Ltd Established in 1999, situated in Dongguan...

Categories and Products

Boxed Power Supply

Boxed Power Supply CCTV

4 Channel DC Power Supply Box 12V5A 9 Channel Power Supply Box 12V10A 18 Channel Power Supply Box 12V20A 18 Channel Power Supply Box 12V30A 250W Integrated Power distribution for CCTV cameras 350W Integrated Power distribution for CCTV cameras 120W Integrated Power distribution for CCTV cameras 60W Integrated Power distribution for CCTV cameras 

Boxed Power Supply UPS

CCTV Power Supply Unit with Backup 12V10A CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS 12V10A CCTV Power Supply Unit with Backup12V10A CCTV Power Unit with UPS 12V20A CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS 12V30A 

Boxed Power Supply 24VAC

8 Channel output Boxed Power Supply 24VAC 8 Channel output Boxed Power Supply 24V10A AC 16 Channel output Boxed Power Supply 24VAC 

Access Control Power Unit

Access Control Power supply with Backup(UPS) Access Control Power supply with Backup(12V3A) Access Control Power supply with Backup(12V5A) Access Control Power supply with Backup(18V3.3A) Access Control Power supply (Plastic12V2A) Access Control Power supply (Plastic12V3A) Access Control Power supply (Plastic12V5A) 60W Access control Power supply unit 60W Access control PSU 36W Access Control Power supply with Backup 60W Access Control Power supply with Backup(12V5A) plastic box power supply with UPS 12VDC 3A 

Switch Mode Power Supply

Plug Type Power Supply

Plug Type Power Supply 12VDC 1A 12VDC Plug Type Power Supply 1A 12VDC 2A Plug Type Power Supply 24W Switching Regulated Power supply 12VDC 2A 12W Plug Power Supply 12VDC 1A 

Desktop Type Power Adapter

Desktop Type Power Adapter 12VDC 1A Desktop Type Power Adapter 12VDC 3A 12VDC 2A Desktop Type Power Adapter 12W Power Supply 12VDC 1A 12W Power Supply 12VDC 2A Desktop Type Power Adapter 12VDC 5A Desktop Type Power Adapter 5VDC 1A 5VDC 2A Desktop Type Power Adapter Desktop Type Power Adapter 5VDC 3A Desktop Type Power Adapter 9VDC 1A Desktop Type Power Adapter 9VDC 2A Desktop Type Power Adapter Changeable plug 12VDC 1A 12VDC 2A Desktop Type Power Adapter Changeable plug Indoor regulated Power Supply 12V DC 1A 12W 60W desktop power supply 12VDC 5A 24W Indoor regulated Power Supply 12V 2A 24W Switching Regulated Power Adapter 12VDC 2A Desktop power changeable adapter 12vdc 3a 24W Power Supply 12VDC 2A 10W Desktop Power Supply 5VDC 2A 

Network Power Supply

Network Power Supply 12VDC 120W Network Power Supply 12VDC 100W Network Power Supply 12VDC 150W Network Power Supply 12VDC 25W 12VDC Network Power Supply 30W 12VDC Network Power Supply 60W Network Power Supply 12VDC 201W Network Power Supply 12VDC 250W 12VDC Network Power Supply 300W 12VDC Network Power Supply 350W 120W Network Power Supply 12VDC 10A 

4 Splitters DC Power Supply

4 Splitters DC Power Supply 12VDC 60W 

POE Switches

Gigabit Standard Managed POE Switch

4 Ports Gigabit Standard Managed POE Switch 8 Ports Gigabit Standard Managed POE Switch 16 Ports Gigabit Standard Managed POE Switch 24 Ports Gigabit Standard Managed POE Switch 

Gigabit Standard Non-managed POE Switch

16 ports non-management POE Switch 4 Ports non-managed POE Switch 

Non-standard POE Switch

Passive non-standard 8 port poe 24v output switch 

100M POE Switch

100M 802.3AF POE Switches 

POE Switch Power Supply

75W POE Switches Power Supply 120W POE Switches power supply 48V 0.5A POE Power Supply 48V DC 0.7A POE Power Supply 48V to 12V POE Converters 

Outdoor POE Switch

48V 96W 8 Port Outdoor POE Switch 48V 65W 4 Port Outdoor POE Switch 

Wireless AP

Wireless Network Access Point 4G WiFi Enterprise Router Outdoor use WiFi AP 

Rack Mount Power Supply

Power Supply 12VDC

1U Rack-mounted DC Power Supply Rack-mounted AC Power Supply Rack-mounted 12V DC Power Supply Rack-Mounted STD-JDC1606 DC PSU 

Power Supply 24V AC

1U Rack-mounted AC Power Supply 

Din-rail Power Supply

Din-rail Power Supply 12VDC

Din rail Power Supply 12VDC 36W 60W 36W Din rail Power Supply 12VDC 3A 

Din-rail Power Supply UPS

Din rail power UPS 12VDC 3A 5A 

Intelligent Management System(APPDU)

APPDU Ⅰ(without Intelligent Management)

APPDU Ⅰ(without intelligent management) 

APPDU Ⅱ(with Intelligent Management)

APPDU Ⅱ(with intelligent management) Integrated Intelligent PSU for Road Video Surveillance 

Power Distribution Unit

PDU (Power Distribution Unit) Smart PDU(Power Distribution Unit) 8 Way European PDU with display 8 Way European Power Distribution Unit 

Linear Power Supply

Linear Power Supply 24VAC 2A Linear Power Supply 24VAC 72W 24VAC Linear Power Supply 120W 24VAC Linear Power Supply 24W 72W PTZ camera AC power supply 24VAC 

Outdoor Power Supply

12V DC Outdoor Power Supply

12VDC Outdoor Power Supply Outdoor Waterproof Power Supply 12VDC Waterproof Power Supply 12VDC Outdoor Waterproof Power Supply 24W 2A Outdoor Waterproof Power Supply 12VDC 2A 12VDC Waterproof Outdoor Power Supply 24W Outdoor power supply waterproof 12VDC 1.75A 18VDC Outdoor Power Supply Waterproof 6.5A 8.5A Outdoor power supply waterproof 12VDC 24W 24W outdoor power supply 12VDC 2A 12VDC outdoor power supply waterproof 2A 24W 24W power supply outdoor waterproof 12vdc 2a 

24V AC Outdoor Power Supply

Outdoor power supply 24VAC Waterproof Outdoor power supply Waterproof 24VDC 3A Outdoor power supply 24VDC 5A Waterproof Outdoor power supply 24VAC 5A 12VDC 3A 12VDC Outdoor Power Supply Waterproof 

Power Supply Accessories

DC Cable /Terminal

DC Cable & Terminal connector 

POE Splitter

POE splitter 48VDC to 12VDC POE splitter Stardard 12VDC 48VDC to 12VDC Splitter with A&B Stardard 

AC Plug

AC plug 220V Electrical plug types 

Cigar Lighter

Electric cigarette lighter Windproof Metal USB 

Video Balun

Video balun for CCTV camera 

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